Making Sure This Easter Is About Easter Eggs, Not Lice Eggs

March 22, 2018

Making Sure This Easter Is About Easter Eggs, Not Lice Eggs

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Making Sure This Easter Is About Easter Eggs, Not Lice Eggs

March 22, 2018

With Easter just around the corner, you’re likely thinking of dyeing Easter eggs with your kids. You’ve got colors and designs on your mind, and your kids are excited about all the chocolate and candy eggs they’ll get to enjoy.

The last thing any of you are thinking about is eggs of an entirely different kind, eggs that bring nothing but worry and frustration—lice eggs!

The Wrong Kind Of Eggs

This Easter, you and your kids will be busy having fun with friends and family, with a lot of hugging, taking selfies, and just general head-to-head going on. Needless to say, any lice in your festive group will get a lot of opportunities to move around and infest other hair.

Infested people can carry up to 20 pests at a given time, from adult louse to nymphs to nits. These critters move quickly, undetectably, and while your kids are having the time of their life collecting and comparing their Easter eggs with peers, there is whole different kind of egg-affair bound to happen after the celebrations.

The last thing you want while your kids are still getting off the high of sugar and cheer is have their school nurse call you up and inform you that they have lice. So this Easter, be cautious.

Here’s what you can do to prevent a lice epidemic:

Advise your kids to avoid direct head-to-head contact. They can get close to someone for a hug or to take a picture, but avoid touching heads.

Any items of clothing, such as scarves, caps, hats, those fluffy bunny-ear head bands and similar items should NOT be shared.

It’s also smart to check your kids’ hair before and after the Easter festivities. Adult louse are easier to spot, and if your child has just contracted one, it’s possible for you to stop an infestation in its tracks.

And if your child does get head lice anyways…no worries!

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