Lice Treatments: Which One Works Best For Me?

January 24, 2018

Lice Treatments: Which One Works Best For Me?


Lice Treatments: Which One Works Best For Me?

January 24, 2018

Getting rid of lice—now there’s a subject you’d hoped to never surf the internet for. However, given that your children are missing out on school, you’re missing work and every member of the family is now scratching their heads and looking frustrated…here you are.

And here, we help you find the ideal lice treatment. Before we start, remember that not all lice treatments are the same.

One will help you get of lice, and the other will get both lice and nits. Another will involve pesticide free products and techniques, so that you do not have to endure the lasting effects of toxin pesticides in your hair and scalp later one. You need to find a lice treatment that can do it all for you.

And your options are…

Home Remedies

We’ll list this first because this is the option most people go for first when they are confronted with lice infestations. As easy as home remedies seem, as ineffective these can be.

Part of the reason is because most home remedies never work all the way through. Often, you can catch the lice but not nits. The other reason is what we call the attack of the ‘super lice’. These look like regular lice, but are far stronger and resilient in face of conventional home remedies.

Over-The-Counter (OTC) Treatments

This is where you step in the ‘danger zone’ of lice treatments. Sure, it’s easy to stop by your local drugstore and pick a lice-killer on the advice of your friendly neighbor. What you don’t realize is that you pick up a bottle full of toxins, pesticides that should not be used on human hair, let alone those of children’s.

Plus, given that most lice infestations today consist of super lice, which in addition to home remedies are also highly-resistant against common pesticides found in OTC treatments, you may be setting yourself up for a whole lot of damaged hair and not a whole lot of dead lice.

Professional Lice Removals

Your third and final option, and the safest, quickest one, is lice removals.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what this has in store for you: lice treatments involving pesticide free hair products, high-grade nit combs which the specialist run through your hair with meticulousness, and if you want, all of this at your home for discreet lice treatment experience.

Lice Busters Weston, USA offers lice removal services throughout Weston, Florida. Call today at 800-403-5423 to make a one-time appointment to get rid of yours and your family’s lice!

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