Orlando Lice Treatment Center

Orlando Lice Treatment Center

Professional, Safe & All-natural lice removal in Orlando. We provide the best lice treatment in out treatment centers or in the comfort of your own home. We are Rated #1 lice removal Experts!

Are you an Orlando resident battling a lice infestation problem? Head lice can be a tricky issue to tackle, but there’s no need to give up hope! At Lice Busters, we are certified and licensed to handle lice like the pros that we are.

Our lice treatment centers make use of an all natural process that involves the use of products that only contain organic ingredients. We want our clinics to be a safe space for all clients, and that means ensuring no harmful chemical elements are used on their scalps. With us, you can be rest assured that you will only get the safest and most natural treatment possible!

Using specially designed combs, our experienced technicians sift through hair in sections, painstakingly removing any evidences of nits and lice. Everything is done by hand, guaranteeing a thorough job that leaves no nits behind!

Our centers also have extended work hours, which means that you’re much more likely to get a same day appointment and be free of these parasites even sooner. Give us a call and schedule our lice removal services—lice are finicky creatures and these infestations can’t be curbed without the help of an expert! Call us today at 800-748-9451.

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Orlando Lice Treatment Center

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