In-Home Lice Treatment

In-Home Lice Treatment

What do you do when you’ve got lice and need treatment fast? Or when you’ve had that itching feeling but are embarrassed to visit a lice clinic? You call the experts at Lice Busters and schedule a convenient lice house call. Getting rid of the bugs and nits has never been easier.

When you schedule an in-home treatment, our technicians are standing by and ready to be at your door the very same day. You and your household can count on the same trusted approach that we use in our clinics—safe, all-natural and most importantly, 100% guaranteed effective.

Your discretion is also our priority—our removal experts arrive in unmarked cars so the neighbors are none the wiser. Treatment takes about an hour; we’re there and gone before you know it.

We understand how frustrating it can be to seek a lice removal treatment that actually works!

Besides offering an all-natural, non-toxic treatment, we take into consideration your individual concerns—going out of our way to provide in-home lice treatment.

With a vast clientele that encompasses people of all ages and backgrounds, we understand the difficulties of seeking treatment for an embarrassing condition. Head lice may be common, but the stigma attached to an infestation can make treatment challenging and uncomfortable.

This is why we maintain your privacy and keep your information completely confidential.

For an anonymous treatment, opt for our in-home lice removal service, available in Miami, Broward, Orlando and New York.

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In-Home Lice Treatment

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