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When it comes to removing lice with Lice Busters, you’ve got options. All services are safe, all-natural and guaranteed effective. Choose the lice removal service that best fits your needs!


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About Us

Why do parents choose Lice Busters? Because they want to get rid of the head lice & their eggs once and for all with a method they know they can trust. Here’s why our customers love Lice Busters.



Forget the toxic chemical treatments; no method is safer or more effective than our all-natural treatment approach. Our technicians are trained in manual lice removal; no pesticides required, just patience and expertise.



While anyone can get lice, our most frequent customers are children and families. Our staff excels in customer service with that special touch that makes kids and families feel at home.



When you need to get rid of lice, there’s no time to waste! Come to one of our conveniently located treatment centers or schedule a lice removal house call and let the experts come to you.



With our flat rate billing you always know what you’re getting. Our prices are competitive and we can even get you the forms you need to submit the fee for your service to your health insurance company (check with your provider regarding the details of your plan).



When we say we bust lice, we really mean it. At Lice Busters we offer the most effective treatment available. Our technicians are experts and our method is tried and true. We even guarantee it. For details of Our Guarantee see here (link to Our Guarantee).

Our Team

The heart of Lice Busters is our team of highly trained professionals. They’re experts in busting lice and masters of working with children! Whether in one of our lice clinics or in the comfort of your home, you know your head is in good hands.

Our lice busting method is so effective, we even guarantee it!

At Lice Busters our guarantee means:

1   One time treatment (severe cases-retreatment required $60 fee)

2   No lice or nits

3   Reduced risk of re-infestation

4   14 day guarantee

5   Immediate reentry to school with Lice Free certificate

The Lice Busters Guarantee helps us to ensure that you and your children are not only free of head lice but that you stay that way!

The Lice Busters Guarantee is valid when ALL members of the household have been screened. Any members found to have head lice must be treated in order for the guarantee to remain valid. In addition, the 5-14 day retreatment must be completed.

Re-infestation by a third party will not qualify for free re-treatment. But following treatment, we educate you on how to prevent lice so that you can avoid future infestations.

In order to receive free re-treatment within the 14-day window, evidence of the parasites or nits must be found. Lice Busters will not re-treat individuals simply because of a suspected infestation. A screening must produce evidence of parasites or nits. If none are found, the client will be responsible for the clinic-screening fee.

If we are called to your home for a re-treatment and no evidence of the parasites or nits are found, the client will be responsible for the minimum house call fee ($95).

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Guaranteed lice removal services you can feel good about.

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Did you know...

1 in 25 have a lice infestation?

That’s 6 – 12 million people per year!

Head lice are parasites that take up residence on the human head. Tiny and wingless, they pass through head to head contact and by sharing personal belongings that come into contact with the head.

Here’s what you need to know:

- Home remedies don’t work

- Chemical treatments don’t work either and they’re dangerous and toxic

- 1 in 4 children will get head ice at some point

- Head lice need a host to survive - they can only live off the human head for 24-48 hours

- Head lice can’t be prevented with good hygiene - they actually prefer clean hair!

- Anyone can get lice at any age

- Animals cannot catch or pass head lice

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Our Process

We get rid of lice in the most simple and effective method possible. No complicated treatment plans or weeks of endless combing. When you come to Lice Busters, your lice are lice free once and for all!

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Technicians apply our all-natural cream to the hair to soften and thicken the strands, making it easier to work with.

Using our specially lice removal combs, technicians meticulously and thoroughly remove all bugs and nits, ensuring a lice free head.

Your child receives the Lice Busters Lice Free Certificate and is ready to return to school.

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Frequently asked questions

What are head lice?

Also known by their scientific name, Pediculosis capitis, head lice are tiny parasites that feed off the blood of the human scalp. About the size of a sesame seed, they must have a human host to sustain life, and pass from host to host through head to head contact or the sharing of personal belongings. Their eggs, known as nits, are small and whitish or yellowish in color and attach to the hair shaft near the scalp.

What are the symptoms of someone who has lice?

While head lice are often associated with intense itching, it may take several weeks before this symptom manifests. Early symptoms may include a sensation of movement on the scalp or red marks behind the ears and around the nape of the neck. When the lice bite into the scalp, the saliva causes an allergic reaction, which can then result in itching. Young children may also suffer irritability and sleeplessness.

Are lice a sign of poor home hygiene?

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

Are head lice a source of illness?

Head lice are not known to cause or transmit disease, but an infestation left untreated can result in open sores, which may lead to infection.

Will a head lice infestation go away, given enough time?

Unfortunately, no. Lice will continue to lay new nits and the infestation will only multiply. Even one bug left behind can launch a new infestation. This is why prompt, effective treatment is essential.

Welcome to Lice Busters USA

Are you concerned about your child’s wellbeing? Do you wish to give them the best of everything—all the while teaching them the important lessons of life? At the heart of your children’s future lies their physical and emotional health—two essential elements that shape the course of their lives. In some cases, you have no control over their problems. This is when you let them find their own answers and draw their own conclusions.

In others, you have the choice to intervene, to take matters into your own hands, and guide them to a path of reason and safety. At Lice Busters, we look at lice infestation as an opportunity to teach your children one of the most important lessons of life: to always be vigilant, to take preemptive action, and to know that there is an answer to every problem that they face—be it as children, teenagers, adults or seniors.

Give your children the greatest gift you can give by helping them live a clean and healthy life. Schedule an appointment at the best lice removal company in town and seek professional treatment at one of our lice clinics in Orlando, Broward, Miami or New York.




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