Lice Outbreak at a Daycare? Take these Steps Before it is Too Late

November 30, 2017

Lice Outbreak at a Daycare? Take these Steps Before it is Too Late

Mother takes children to kindergarten

Lice Outbreak at a Daycare? Take these Steps Before it is Too Late

November 30, 2017

Is that the ‘someone in your class or daycare has head lice’ letter in your backup already? Yay” said no mother ever.

Lice are contagious creatures, and certainly not very choosy. These blood-sucking critters can live in anyone’s hair! Head lice are especially common among kids who are in daycare, preschool, or any other type of group setting.

Did you just notice lice crawling in your child’s head? Or maybe the day care reported an outbreak a few days ago and you are still unsure what action should be taken. Discovering your child of any age has lice is a lousy feeling as well as upsetting!

However you can prevent a full blown infestation with these steps:

Steps to Get Rid Of Lice

First of all, parents receiving notice of head lice outbreak at the daycare must not get into panic mode. This won’t help get rid of the problem but make things more difficult.

Secondly, you won’t know the extent of any infestation if you don’t conduct a thorough lice inspection. What to do?

Check Hot Spots

Don’t forget to check lice hotspots the first thing after finding out about the lice outbreak. The best spots to check for head lice are – behind the ears, part lines, and back of the neck.

Look out for tiny specks glued on an angle about 1-1/4 inches from the top of the head. Those specks are called nits or lice eggs. Conducting weekly lice inspections is recommended by Lice Busters USA…

Manual Nit and Lice Combing

Scratching and itching don’t always point towards head lice… This is why parents must wait for a physical sign before treating the scalp for head lice. Using toxic and chemical based lice removal solutions isn’t a good idea due to obvious reasons! So what can be done by parents?

Only manual nit and lice combing can remove and kill lice thoroughly – diminishing the need for an anti lice shampoos. However DIY nit and lice combing also offers uncertainty in lice removal i.e. even one left behind can grow another infestation on no time.

Using Preventative Measures

Beginning lice preventative measures will offer an additional layer protection against head lice infestation. There are many lice repel products available in the market, made from natural ingredients that can be used. However, it’s a good idea to choose alternative preventative measures such as:

  • Place hair in a tight bun, pony tail or plait before sending her off to daycare
  • Regularly inspect hair for lice nits and crawling lice
  • Don’t share headbands, ponies, and helmets/hats with other kids

Once you are sure about lice even after all these measures are taken, head towards Lice Busters USA. Be calm and call us when lice make your life difficult!


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