What You Should Never Do if Your Baby Has Lice

December 27, 2017

What You Should Never Do if Your Baby Has Lice

Baby without lice

What You Should Never Do if Your Baby Has Lice

December 27, 2017

It’s troublesome enough when your kid gets lice. But then again, you become used to knowing what to do as soon as you see that telltale sign of nits and louse.

You wash your kid’s hair, throw their pillow and clothes in the washer under the hottest setting and take them to a lice removal clinic so they can have their hair cleaned. But what should you do when your infant has lice?

Can Babies Get Lice?

Lice don’t really see age when it comes to their source of food. Even if your little one is under 2 years of age, or even less than six months, they may be susceptible to lice infestations if another person in the house has the problem. And since they’re little, you can’t really use an over-the-counter treatment to get rid of the lice (not that we’d recommend it for older people as well).

Instead, we recommend the following steps to keep your little one lice-free.

Steps to Follow When Your Baby Has Lice

· Make Sure the Baby Has Lice

Dry hair and lice often have the same symptoms i.e. itchy scalp, flaky skin etc. Babies also get cradle cap so you may need to be certain about what your baby has before searching for a solution.

· DO NOT USE Over-the-Counter Products

Baby skin is a lot more sensitive than adult skin. Over-the-counter products contain harsh chemicals that can not only cause allergic reactions, but also skin infections. Never use any such products or any home remedies. You don’t know yet what your little one is allergic to.

· Wash their Bedding, Clothing and Stuffed Animals

Wash any items that they’ve used and seal any items that aren’t washable in a Ziploc bag for 3-4 days. If they have any live lice or nits on them, this will prevent them from hatching. Also, vacuum the floor, furniture and mattress daily so there are no lice anywhere.

· Take Your Little One to a Lice Removal Expert

Only a lice removal expert can give you the best solution for getting rid of your baby’s lice. For example, the experts at Lice Busters USA use safe, pesticide free products to get prevent any allergies and to maintain hair quality. So this not only benefits your hair’s cleanliness but also your hair growth.

Come to Us for Your Lice Problems!

The best and fastest way to get rid of lice is by going to a lice removal clinic that offers natural, all-safe treatments. Lice Busters in Central Florida offers such treatments for an affordable price.

Contact Lice Busters USA if you’re in need of treatment and book an appointment by calling (800) 405-8201!

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