A Vengeful Comeback Of The Critter Kind

August 28, 2017

A Vengeful Comeback Of The Critter Kind

A Vengeful Comeback Of The Critter Kind

August 28, 2017

Sound the alarm. Its lice!

When you or anyone in your family gets head lice, you arm yourself with wet combs, a home remedy or two and a determined outlook.

These feared parasites are considered to be the bane of social reputation, inadvertently making a big difference in your life, so your resolve is justified.

A Reason To Return

Your approach on the other hand, is not as justified.

While you spent hours vigorously combing out the head lice, and then finally took a sigh of relief once satisfied that your efforts were enough, a stray lice—or ten—were roaming around your pillows, your sheets, and even your hair brush.

Add in the likely human error, the possibility that you may have missed nits, if not lice, with that cheap plastic nit-comb, and you have the makings of a second attack of the parasites.

So you can understand why we are concerned enough to guide you through a more methodical and effective way of handling these critters. We want to make sure there is no louse left standing, no nit stuck to the hair to avenge their fallen comrades.

Head Lice – In Hair and Everywhere Else

Although head lice are conventionally contracted through direct head-to-head contact, they have the ability to crawl to other places too. Bedding, towels, clothes, head accessories and tools—every item in your daily use can contain head lice.

Not that the lice will survive for long; these critters can live up to 24—at most 48—hours away from their human host till they starve and perish. However, that is enough time for them to crawl up and latch on to the locks of an unsuspecting family member—or you yourself once again.

A certain way to approach head lice is to employ the services of lice removal experts, who offer lice removals from more than just yours and your family’s hair.

Lice specialists who offer lice inspections and cleaning in your home are your go-to people during this ordeal. When facing head lice for the first time, and especially when facing a comeback, make an appointment.

At Lice Busters USA, we devise a comprehensive plan to remove lice.

What Lice Busters USA will do for you…

  • Employ all-natural method of lice removal on those individuals who have lice. Other members of the family can opt for a lice screening.
  • Perform a meticulous inspection of your home. All furnishings, in which lice usually hide, such as couches and beds, will be cleaned.
  • Bag up and quarantine any un-washable items.
  • In case of kids’ head lice, we inspect their toys, and contain them in bag till a reasonable period of time.
  • If privacy is your concern, then we will certain heed discretion. Our specialists arrive in unmarked vehicles, and ensure that all lice removal applications are deployed subtlety.

You can also visit our lice clinic in Hollywood for a lice treatment appointment. We also conduct screenings in schools and camps to help ease parent and teachers by successfully preventing any lice outbreaks.

Call us today at 800-403-5423 to let our experts help you out!


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