Sleepless Nights? You Might Have Lice!

August 29, 2017

Sleepless Nights? You Might Have Lice!

Sleepless Nights? You Might Have Lice!

August 29, 2017

We’ve all had those nights—the ones where you’ve been tossing and turning for hours, falling in and out of a disturbed sleep that leaves you even more tired in the morning.

While there may be many different reasons for these kinds of sleepless nights—stress, anxiety, insomnia, last night’s chilli—there’s one factor you may fail to consider in this situation.

Head lice, the ever-present parasites that love to feed on our blood and generally give us a hard time for no apparent reason.

These buggers love the dark, and when the lights go off and you get under the sheets, that’s when they like to come out to play.

Of course, they can make you itch and scratch during day time as well, but they tend to get even more active in the dark. This results in your sleepless, restless state, the discomfort of them crawling about in your scalp and making you itch enough to rob you of your solid six hours.

Other Symptoms

If you’ve been sleepless and uncomfortable, there’s no reason to jump to conclusions just yet. A lice infestation comes with a number of other symptoms, so it’s important to pay attention and ensure you’re right about your suspicion.

These symptoms include your basic itching phenomenon, wherein the saliva of the lice causes us to scratch away at our scalps incessantly. You can also experience some tiny sores on your head as a result of louse bites, or potentially experience the tickling feeling of them moving through your hair.

Steps to Take

The best way to know for sure is to get a screening done. This will entail another person or a professional using a comb to sift through your hair and identify whether you indeed have a lice infestation.

Once your diagnosis has been confirmed, the natural next step to take is to get treatment done and get your precious sleep back.

However, it’s important to invest your time and effort in treatment methods that are safe and effective. There are a number of home remedies and over the counter products that will be readily available, but will be both entirely unsuccessful in solving your problem as well as being potentially damaging for your hair or health.

For this reason, you should turn to a professional lice removal service like Lice Busters USA! We provide our clients with reliable, efficient, and completely effective treatment for their lice problem, guaranteeing that you’ll be rid of the parasites in no time at all.

Contact us at 800-405-8201 and book an appointment. We have lice treatment centers in Kendall, Orlando, Pinecrest, Miami, and numerous other areas—residents have nothing to worry about when it comes to head lice!

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