Short Hair, Don’t Care: Your Son Can Get Lice Too!

August 26, 2017

Short Hair, Don’t Care: Your Son Can Get Lice Too!

Short Hair, Don’t Care: Your Son Can Get Lice Too!

August 26, 2017

Lice have an exceptional talent for sneaking past into hair, and then multiplying at an alarming rate. In the US, over six million children, between ages of 3 and 12, counter head lice on an annual basis—and this includes both boys and girls. So, if you think your child is safe because he is a boy and has shorter hair, think again.

Is it easier to spot lice in your son’s hair? Yes. Is it easier to remove them? Yes, short hair does impart that benefit. Is it possible that head lice will not take over short hair at all? No.

Lice and Short Hair

Lice have little to no preference when it comes to hair. Dirty hair, clean hair; long hair, short hair; they love them all. Lice need two things to survive: shelter and nutrition. Which means your son’s hair is a good candidate.

While the percentages of children getting lice do favor girls more than boys, given the scarcity of hair, your son is not exempted from the assault of these sneaky critters—and thus not exempted from any lice examinations.

That being said, if your son’s hair is playing house guest to head lice, go the same way about the treatment and further prevention of these critters as it is generally favorable in case of any kids’ lice.

  • Boys are likely to counter lice due to direct head-to head contact in teamed sports and playground tumbles.
  • Other possible, though uncommon, causes of head lice include sharing caps, hats or head guards.
  • As it is easier to spot lice your son’s hair, you can take action before the critters are further successful in spreading out.
  • It is best to avoid over-the-counter anti-lice products; though the less liberal use of lice killing shampoos and lotions may seem like an easy way of dealing with your son’s critter-y companions, the negating side effects are not worth it.

Instead, get lice specialists to come to your home. Not only will they employ safe treatment methods in your kid’s hair, but also provide additional services of inspecting and cleaning his items.

Any bedding, clothes, toys and sports goods in your son’s use will be screened for roaming head lice, and then cleaned up.

At Lice Busters USA, we provide all-natural lice removals, and promise complete ease and understanding in treating your child’s lead lice. We also offer efficient lice removals in our lice clinics in Miami, Broward, Kendall and Plantation.

Want to know just how effectively we will combat your child’s head lice? Call us today at 800-405-8201 and find out!

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