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March 31, 2018

Are Lice Infestations Dangerous?


“Don’t talk to strangers!”

“Don’t open the door for anyone else while we’re out!”

“Don’t go outside after 6PM!”

These are just some of the many precautionary measures we were told to abide by, by our parents.

The truth is, human beings are not strangers to danger. At one point in our lives, we’ve all been in a situation that frightened us half to death, making us tremble in fear, as we went to fight or flight mode.

Furthermore, it’s always the smallest things that give us the biggest problems. And the best example is head lice.

Are Head Lice Dangerous?

A question that’s often asked is, “Are head lice dangerous?”

This depends on what you define as “dangerous.”

Lice come with negative connotations. They can cost you your social life and make you paranoid about re-infestations.

But one thing is certain: lice don’t carry diseases.

There’s a common misconception that head lice thrive in unhygienic conditions and that individuals with lice lack personal hygiene.

You can be an absolute slob, a neat freak, or someone who is moderately clean, and lice will still latch onto your scalp. This is because they only concern themselves with one thing: human blood.

Lice colonize and survive by feeding on human blood. And as long as you can provide them with sufficient blood, you’re the perfect candidate.

woman having her hair washed

Getting Out of the Stranger-Danger Zone

As kids, we were always told to take necessary precautions to avoid danger. Even as adults, there are situations you actively avoid. Why should lice be any different?

Many people avoid and ignore dealing with the problem because they believe lice are a ‘seasonal problem.’

They believe that the problem will go away on its own. This can’t be further from the truth. A female louse lays 10 eggs a day. The eggs hatch within 7 days and become adults within 6 days. The cycle then continues, and you’re left dealing with hundreds of critters in a month’s time.

But don’t let yourself become the victim of actual danger just to avoid head lice. Our first instinct is to run to the nearest pharmacy or look up home remedies online. These are actually dangerous for our scalp and hair.

They are full of dangerous chemicals that can lead to permanent hair loss and a dry, itchy scalp.

The first step to take is to avoid these types of treatments at all costs. The second step to take is to go to a lice removal service.

At Lice Busters USA, we aim to keep the residents of Kendall safe from pesky critters, by using natural products to get the job done. You can also opt for our in-home treatments if you don’t want to visit our treatment center. Call us at 800-405-8201 to book an appointment today.

March 27, 2018

My Dog Has Lice…Can I Get Them Too?

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March 26, 2018

Sea, Sands and Sneak-Attacks: How To Keep Lice Out of Your Beach Trip

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March 24, 2018

Every Question You’ve Had About Head Lice So Far…Answered

confused kid thinking

Lice outbreaks are never fun and no piece of cake to deal with. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had every tip and trick for prevention and knowledge of a proven solution on your fingertip in the event of a lice infestation? More

March 23, 2018

Lice in Your Kid’s Hair? 4 Signs to Look Out For

kid's hair

Lice – they’re creepy, they’re crawly, and they’re in your child’s hair! Capable of performing marvelous acrobatic lunges on your kid’s head, lice are a common nuisance. More

March 22, 2018

How Head Lice Can End Up Costing You A Lot!

head lice

If you have school-going kids, head lice is bound to become a fact of life. It is inevitable that they end up with head lice infestation over the years. More

March 21, 2018

5 Grim Facts about Lice that You Don’t (want to) Know

Lice have been around for pretty much as long as us. Not just that, research suggests that certain species of these pests pretty much migrated, spread and evolved alongside humans! More

March 20, 2018

Of Boys and Men – Can Boys Get Head Lice?

boy and lice

In a word, yes!! Whether it’s long hair or short hair, whether you’re a boy or a girl, as long as there are roots growing on your head, the lice will have no troubling infesting your dome. Lice need your blood to live and hair to lay their eggs on. More

March 7, 2018

5 Simple Ways to Prevent Head Lice

head lice

Even though we’ve been dealing with them pretty much since the dawn of man, head lice seem to find a way to keep up!

Statistics show that millions of Americans suffer infestations annually. Though lice clinics and lice screening services to a fair bit to make our lives easier, it still does not seem to be enough?

Why Not?

One of the reasons clinics, specialists and national or regional health movements are unable to completely get rid of the lice problem is that they aren’t the ones with lice! We are!

Though a lice treatment practitioner will help you bring your lice problem to zero in the moment, the only person who can ensure you stay lice free is you!

How Come?

This is because staying free of lice means staying sharp with your day to day clean ups and hygiene. A professional can only do so much. The rest is in your hands!

How do I Prevent an Infestation?

Treatment is one thing. When it comes to prevention however, there are a number of simple techniques you can employ to ensure you stay free of lice!

Five Simple Steps

You’d be surprised how simple it is to stay lice free for the most part. You just need to make a habit of the following!



Cleanliness is the first step. We’re not just talking about washing your hair regularly. We’re also talking about keeping your room clean! Have your bedding changed and your carpets vacuumed! Lice can lurk about anywhere!

Further, ensure you shower regularly. Use shampoo and conditioner at least once a week. This is the first step to staying lice free!

Hair Brushes and Combs

It is always a good idea to keep a personal hairbrush or comb. When we say personal, we mean one for every person in the house! The way this helps is that in case someone does come home having acquired a louse or three on the way, it reduces the risk of a fast spreading infestation!


One of the best things about the modern world is quick fixes. Lice spray is one of those great things people about 50 years ago did not have access to! Lice sprays act as brilliant deterrents and can be used on clothes as well to prevent louse transfer even when on the move!

Covering and Non-sharing

It is also advisable to cover your hair with a cap or scarf when traveling or going for say a movie. Alternatively, tying your hair might also help a little. This is because you never know who has used the seats before you in such places and what they might have left behind!

One Step Ahead

Regular lice checks are the fifth and final step. Arguably, they are also the most important. Whether you have a professional lice screening/inspection or do the same yourself, make sure you do it! Sometimes you might find nits which are a sign of an impending infestation.

Nip those troubles in the bud by staying a step ahead of those little parasites through regular lice checks! Professional home inspections and checks however are highly advisable.

Additional Tips

Additional tips include but are not restricted to using essential oils, not sharing caps and headgear and drying clothes and bed linens on a hot dry setting.


It really isn’t rocket science. If you’re careful enough and do your due diligence, there is no way in hell that you would suffer an infestation. Between your personal hygiene, preventative techniques and professional lice inspections or screenings, we say you’re pretty sorted!

If you’re looking for a lice clinic offering in home lice treatment and other services in Orlando, Broward or Miami, check out our services and give us a shout!

March 6, 2018

Examining the Correlation Between Lice Infestations and Illnesses


Despite the presence of lice treatment and lice screening and cleaning services, lice are a serious health and hygiene problem. They are little insects that such blood and live within human and animal hair bodies.

What’s the Problem?

Their saliva causes itching and they can become quite problematic if not kept in check. Though some studies claim that head lice are generally not known to be disease carriers, these statements are still being debated.

There are those that believe the head louse is quite capable of carrying disease and illness much like its body dwelling cousin.

Do Body Lice Carry Illnesses?

Body lice are known to cause diseases, some of which can even be fatal. We’re going to examine the correlation between lice that feed on human blood and diseases they may carry over the course of this blog.

A bit of History

Historically speaking, there have been occasions where infestations of body lice have resulted in breakouts of certain illnesses and diseases.

Body lice are known to carry the bacteria for typhus, trench fever and louse born relapsing fever among others. Two of the aforementioned are fatal. In other words, they can end in death.

Trench fever outbreaks in World Wars 1 and 2 are credited to infestations caused by soldiers living in close quarters. On another note, Napoleon’s army is recorded and proven to have incurred massive losses due to a typhus outbreak. This too was caused by a lice infestation among the ranks!

Current Research

Though for the longest time, infections and illnesses have been associated exclusively with body lice, you must remember that like everything else, these creatures evolve and change.

Certain experts today argue that it would be foolish to just write off the possibility that head lice too can be vectors for deadly illnesses.

Last but not least, if the person suffering the infestation is anemic, has a low platelet count, heavy allergic reactions, and so on, a head louse infestation could cause a lot more than mere discomfort!

Why is this not Heard of Commonly?

Of course it is! Schools, offices and institutions periodically run campaigns to check lice problems. That being said, louse related illnesses are not commonly heard of is because for the most part, those in the developed world have the means to keep lice populations out of their heads, bodies and homes.

Culling the lice population means reducing their numbers. Less numbers equals less chances of infestation. Less chances of infestation means less opportunity to spread disease!


Sure lice can be seen as harmless annoyances at best, but don’t let that fool you. These bugs do have the ability to seriously damage your health which is why it is best to be careful.

If you’re already thinking of getting a serious professional delousing done give us a shout! We’re a professional lice screening and treatment clinic offering in-home lice treatment in Miami, Orlando and Broward. Check out our service menu and see what you need. Just remember, it is better to be safe than sorry!


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