My Dog Has Lice…Can I Get Them Too?

March 27, 2018

My Dog Has Lice…Can I Get Them Too?

My Dog Has Lice…Can I Get Them Too?

March 27, 2018

In the habit of rolling around on dirt-caked floor, rubbing up against everything and susceptible to fleas and ticks—with all of this added to a dog’s life, it’s understandable if you’re wondering whether or not your four-pawed friend is able to get lice…and give them to you.

Can Dogs Get Lice?

Short answer: yes.

Dogs, like humans, get lice when they come in contact with an infested dog. It’s the human equivalent of head-to-head contact. There is then a real possibility of the dog transferring those critters onto others, dogs and humans and anybody else, but you don’t need to worry…

Not Man’s Best Friend’s Lice

…because certain lice belong to certain species. Your dog’s lice are adpated for their host, and do not have the biology to stay on and survive in human hair.

If you do get get lice, don’t blame it on the pet. Possible reasons of your infetstation inlcude:

  • Direct head-to-head contact with a lice-infested individual.
  • Sharing and using lice-infested items, such as hair tools and accessories and clothing.

A long time ago, over thousands of years, humans may have shared lice with other mammals, but the critters have long since diverted their preferences. And now, human lice are human lice, and other lice are other lice. The rumor that your dog’s lice can invade human hair is just that, a rumor.

Final Thoughts

So to put it shortly, you and your dog can both get lice, but your dog’s lice cannot be transferred to you, and vice versa. So snuggle up to Fido as much as you want, just make sure to give it regular baths to get rid of any pests and dirt!

If your dog seems over-agitated by its lice, have a vet check it out. While washing your dog thoroughly should be enough for getting rid of its critter companions, it may be more difficult if your dog belongs to a particularly furry breed. Like human lice, dog lice can be immensely stubborn and stay steadfastly latched to the fur. A vet will prescribe the right treatment.

And if you get lice, head on over to the nearest lice clinic of Lice Busters USA. We offer professional head lice treatment services throughout Orlando. Our methods are devoid of any toxins that may put your health in harm’s way, and we’ll have you back to enjoying playing with your dog lice-free in no time.

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