Here Is What Customers Are Saying About Lice Busters USA!

November 6, 2017

Here Is What Customers Are Saying About Lice Busters USA!

Here Is What Customers Are Saying About Lice Busters USA!

November 6, 2017

Tell us a really short horror story. Can’t think of any? Here’s one which will surely bring cold sweats and intense shivering to you. A louse crawls inside your child’s head and doesn’t come out again…

Felt the horror yet? No doubt, head lice outbreaks and infestations are every parent’s worst nightmare, especially when you consider the hours spent trying to comb out nits and dead lice after repeated applications of a foul smelling liquid.

The maniacal cleaning of the house and inspection of every comb, toy and pillow is something not many can forget very easily.

Professional Lice Removal Services to the Rescue

Found in various locations of Florida and New York, Lice Busters USA offers its professional expertise in natural lice removal. There is nothing quite like professional help when it comes to nit removal, especially if you have qualms about dousing your son’s or daughter’s head in toxic chemicals!

In fact, customers of Lice Busters USA are most satisfied with our service, in all locations. This is what ours had to say about our professional lice removal and technicians delegating this service:

Truly the Best!

Christine Jacobson (Broward, FL)

Thank you so much for sending Mary to our home when we needed help the most! It was such a relief seeing her, all friendly and professional. My kids loved her too… the same who drove me nuts when it came to lice removal.

Calling you people was the best decision I have ever made and I’ll make sure to recommend Mary and Lice Busters USA to other parents as well!

What Happens at Summer Camp, Stays There

Nicky Wayland (Miami, FL)

My daughter was sent home from camp due to lice. It was a nightmare! Thankfully, the camp also recommended this professional lice removal service. I am so glad I called Lice Busters USA instead of attempting lice removal myself (as was the initial plan)!

The experience was really good… my daughter didn’t throw a fuss throughout the appointment as the wonderful technicians provided distractions in the form of cartoons and coloring books.

I had great peace of mind for an hour and even later!

Yes, Even Boys Get Head Lice!

Amy Jenson (Key Biscayne, FL)

Thank goodness for Lice Busters USA! I don’t know what else I could have done without help, if not for the nice and friendly technicians working at the Key Biscayne lice treatment center.

I discovered one fine morning that my son had lice. Always thought long hair attracted head lice, so was shocked and shook! I called the technicians for an at-home lice removal and got done in an hour!

The entire procedure was painless for my son. I was even reassured about reduced chance of re-infestation if prevention is done in the right way. So, thank you for making my first lice experience into a happy and last one.

When it comes to raging parasites, it makes more sense to call the professionals. Say goodbye to lice and nits with an pesticide free solution—call Lice Busters USA today!

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