Dandruff? Nits? LICE? How Do I Tell?

August 24, 2017

Dandruff? Nits? LICE? How Do I Tell?

Head Scratcher

Dandruff? Nits? LICE? How Do I Tell?

August 24, 2017

It has happened to everyone once in their lifetime: you feel a creeping sensation in your hair, followed by a slight scalp itch which you disregard as minor irritation. However, the itch comes back, persisting, and you keep trying to soothe it with consistent scratching. Eventually you realize, with dawning horror, that this itch is no mere itch.

It is a lice itch. It is that cringe inducing critter-created itch.

A Head-Scratcher

Let’s face it: if we had to make a list of issues which would cause us to go home, huddle in a corner and vow to isolate ourselves from society forever, lice would take the top ranks. While there is no impending health hazard from head lice, the realization that anyone would spot one of our new hair guests, peeping between the locks, is truly appalling.

However, the reality is that people do not immediately realize that they have lice. Sure, constant scalp itching transpires now and then, but given deteriorating environmental conditions and the randomized climate we live in, it is often dandruff that takes toll, not lice.

But what if it really is lice?

Unfortunately, lice and dandruff are often mistaken for one another, which means that a person is either too calm for their own good, or too scared to think straight.

Fortunately, while somewhat similar, the symptoms of lice and dandruff can be distinguished.

Here Is How You Know It Is Dandruff:  

  • Dandruff does not stick to hair strands. It is flaky, and can be simply brushed off the hair with fingers or a brush.
  • The scalp appears scaly, with white to pale yellow skin, as well as slightly shiny.
  • Dandruff is present throughout the hair. You can actually spot in the top of your hair. If you run your fingers through the hair, it further rises to the surface.

And Here Is How You Know It Is Lice, Or More Specifically, Nits:

  • Nits are more consistent in appearance. Pale yellow in color and defined in shape, these cocoons stick to the hair.
  • You cannot just shake them free; the only way nits come off is if these are tugged using fingers, or combed out with a professional lice comb.
  • Nits are present near the scalp (about an inch close to the roots of the hair strands).

The most certain way to determine what invades your hair is to conduct a thorough examination. If you want to be sure, a lice screening definitely helps—an expert will find even the sneakiest of critters and nits.

At Lice Busters USA, we offer meticulous lice screenings and lice removal services. Out specialists are present at our lice clinics, or will come to your home through an appointment. In no time we will have those critters vanquished with our safe and natural lice treatment.

What are you waiting for? Call us today at (800) 405-8201 to make a lice-busting appointment. Out services are available throughout Miami, Plantation, Kendall and Broward!






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