Terminating The Lice Taboo In Schools

August 24, 2017

Terminating The Lice Taboo In Schools

Lice taboo in schools

Terminating The Lice Taboo In Schools

August 24, 2017

Schools are a place for children to learn, play and discover the world together with their peers—and therefore a place where lice fare very well. Playground tumbles, coloring in art class, having lunch—every single one of these occasions is an opportunistic moment for head lice.

That being said, it is imperative that children, parents and teachers all learn how to deal with lice. More than that, it is crucial that they know how to react to lice. One clue that a child has lice is enough to send teachers into frenzy.

A Stop To The Blame Game

Over the years, a number of academic institutions have gone as far as to enforce the controversial no-nit policy. The inherent conflicts of the rule are perfectly justifiable—lice are no one’s fault. Contrary to a ridiculous yet still remaining belief, lice have no connection to hygiene, or the condition of living.

The conjectures about a child with head lice only serve to keep them from gaining education, and depressing parents. The no-nit policy has only served reduce the burden on school nurses and teachers, not reduce lice.

Over 6 million children in the US, between the ages of 3 and 11, become victims of head lice infestations each year. It is time that as adults, parents or teachers, you zoom out and shift your perspective on head lice.

Instead of condemning a child and their parents, impart compassion. The sooner you realize that the only reason for lice was an unfortunate head-to-head contact, the sooner you can deal with a possible outbreak.

Work Through The Lice Outbreaks

Parents of children with lice should take the necessary steps to contain the spread.

  • Inform your child of their head lice, without adding in the unnecessary misconceptions.
  • Your child can still go to their school, only make sure the lice cannot get out of their head. A beanie or scarf is effective coverage.
  • If not, then make sure that your child’s hair, if long, is tied into a bun or braid. Girls are more susceptible to contracting head licethan boys, given the more voluminous locks.
  • Finally, get your child’s lice treated as soon as possible.

As far as teachers are concerned, a little arrangement is in order.

  • If they aren’t already, make sure the children are seated apart from each other. Advise them against jumbling hairs with any of their classmates.
  • It is ideal to bag up the kids’ belongings, or put them in separate cubbies, while they are at school.
  • Call in a lice screening service. Lice specialists are trained to conduct lice inspections with understanding and discretion. That way you can single out the children who have lice, and inform their parents.

All the while, it is important you maintain a sense of calm. Lice are not hazardous to health, and the children should know that.

At Lice Busters USA, we understand the ordeal faced by children, parents and teachers during a lice outbreak. For that reason, we offer lice screenings in schools and summer camps.

Participating schools also receive discount coupons for affected kids. At our lice clinic in Hollywood, Florida, we provide comprehensive and quick lice removals.

Call us at 800-403-5423 to book a screening or book a lice removal appointment today!



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