The Effective Method to Removing Lice is in Natural Products

March 27, 2018

The Effective Method to Removing Lice is in Natural Products

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The Effective Method to Removing Lice is in Natural Products

March 27, 2018

With more and more people becoming aware of using organic treatments for their skin, and eating organic foods, the use of GMOs and harsh chemicals has become a controversial topic.

Most people can be seen browsing through the “Organic Food” aisle at supermarkets, thanks to educators highlighting the importance of keeping toxins out of your body.

But can the same be said when it comes to our hair? More and more people are now using organic shampoos and conditioners, but when it comes to problems that bug (literally), what’s the best course of action?

Head lice have been a problem since…mankind existed. Nobody knows the exact origin of these pesky critters. But they have been there for thousands of years, haunting our existence, and making it difficult to live a happy, stress-free life.

But the one question individuals are now asking is, “Can natural treatments treat head lice?”

This, of course, depends on the type of natural treatment.

Home Remedies are NOT Natural

Mayonnaise and ketchup, along with essential oils may be considered “natural,” but the truth is, they are not.

Store-purchased ketchup, mayonnaise, and whipped cream are all full of artificial ingredients. Essential oils sold are also not in their pure form.

Furthermore, it doesn’t make sense to use them in the first place. They don’t have any ingredients that help eliminate head lice.

The ingredients in these products help nourish the hair but also act as indirect nutrients for the pesky critters (a healthy scalp.)

The Real Solution

OTC products are out of the question since you want a natural treatment. Home remedies offer thousands of “solutions” that are not really solutions.

Then what is the answer? It’s actually quite simple: lice removal services!

While the idea of going to a clinic where professional “lice specialists” remove every nit and louse from the strands of your hair sounds strange, it’s all real. Lice removal services use natural shampoos and conditioners to thicken the hair strands. When this happens, the hair becomes easier to manage, and the lice become immobilized.

Once they are immobilized, the experts use special combs, made from the finest quality materials, to remove each and every nit and louse.

Lice Busters USA is one such clinic in Florida. Offering our services in Miami, Broward, and Orlando, we help keep Floridians safe from the claws of pesky critters. Our family-friendly, discreet, and comfortable lice treatment centers offer convenient, thorough, safe and effective lice removal treatments with a high guarantee against re-infestation.

In addition, we also provide free school and camp lice screenings and at-home lice removal and inspection services.

Feel free to contact us at (800) 405-8201 to book an appointment and become lice-free today!

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