About Us

A little bit about us, who we are, and how we became a Lice Removal Company. We are parents, just like you, who had multiple frustrating run-ins with lice and finally decided we had enough. On the one hand, we were faced with products that did not work, and on the other hand, treatments filled with harsh chemicals you would not wish to put on your child's head. Having such unappealing choices prompted us to create a solution that we would be happy to use on our kids. It needed to be a pesticide free lice treatment, completely safe and non-toxic. Also, it had to be 100% effective against these parasites.

Once this lice solution had been created, we realized there were countless other parents out there going through the same suffering we had experienced. At this point, we thought it should be made available as far and wide as possible to provide some relief to others.

Our Guarantee

We stand behind our treatment. A one-time treatment will take care of most cases. For severe cases, retreatment may be required.

We guarantee you will have no lice or nits for at least two weeks and that your risk to be reinfected will drop dramatically. We will provide you with a Lice Free certificate so you can send your kids back to school right away and get back to life.

We provide you with education to prevent future infestations, and we strive to provide the best customer service you can find, you will be in the best of hands. Our prices are affordable, and in many cases, your insurance will reimburse you for our flat fee. Most importantly, it is all safe and natural, it is a non-toxic treatment, and we will provide the convenience of same-day service and privacy.


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