A College Freshman’s Guide to Not Getting Lice

diciembre 3, 2017

A College Freshman’s Guide to Not Getting Lice

A College Freshman’s Guide to Not Getting Lice

diciembre 3, 2017

College days are the best and worst days – usually for the same reason. You finally have freedom from the strict ruling of parents but you also have to figure out stuff on your own. You finally have your own space and privacy but have nobody to take care when you’re sick!

The last thing anyone would want is a head lice infestation in college especially during grueling exam time!!

Yes – College Students Can Get Head Lice Too

Lice don’t discriminate which is why 6-12 million people in the US get head lice every year! Teachers, parents, school-going children, care-givers – everyone gets lice so why not college freshmen’s?

The thought alone of having to deal with a head lice infestation in the middle of exams or even nothing at all can rob of most youngsters sleep. So what is the best step that you can take? Lice prevention measures!

Prevent Lice from Attacking – Some Measures to Take

Scratching your head after reading an article about head lice? Yep, been there and done that. What is another theme that features in these articles besides how to kill lice?

Lice prevention is important (perhaps even more) than lice removal… Implementing preventative measures diminishes the possibility of a bad head lice infestation! Following are some lice preventative measures which help:

  • Avoid direct head-to-head contact with other people
  • Don’t share brushes, combs, or pillows
  • Keep long hair tied back in a tight bun or pony tail

There are some additional tips that college students can apply for lice prevention, such as:

Keep Clothing and Laundry Separate Between Roommates

Lice cannot live for long if outside a host’s head. However theses critters are good at hitchhiking and can attach on clothing. Following this advice will stop lice from spreading in this way!

Every roommate should have a separate closet and laundry hamper to place dirty and worn clothes.

Take Extra Care at the Gym

The gym and public pool are the two areas where a lot of people share the same facilities. This increases chances of spreading head lice! Also, never use the provided towels in the facility as you don’t know how many people have used it prior to dry their heads and bodies.

Simply bring your own towel and keep all items locked securely in a locker.

There is a common misconception that head lice repellents work, causing college students to douse their hair on weird smelling tea tree oil.

Well, there has been no scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of this natural remedy! What really works though is good old fashioned nit and lice combing!

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